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School Covid-19 Policy

CELTIC SCHOOL OF ENGLISH / GREENVIEW LANGUAGES are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our staff and a safe learning environment for all our students. To ensure that, we have developed the following COVID-19 Response Plan. 

All staff are responsible for the implementation of this plan and a combined effort will help contain the spread of the virus. We will:

  • Continue to monitor our COVID-19 response and amend this plan in consultation with our staff.
  • Provide up to date information to our staff and students on the Public Health advice issued by the HSE and 
  • Display information on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and correct hand-washing techniques.
  • Agree with staff, a worker representative to carry out the role outlined in this plan.
  • Inform all staff and students of essential hygiene and respiratory etiquette and physical distancing requirements.
  • Adapt the school to facilitate physical distancing as appropriate in line with the public health guidance. 
  • Keep a contact log to help with contact tracing.
  • Ensure staff and students engage with the induction / familiarisation briefing provided in-house.
  • Prepare and advise staff and students of an isolation room to be used in the event of a potential covid-19 case in the school.
  • Implement the agreed procedures to be followed in the event of someone showing symptoms of COVID-19 while at school.
  • Provide instructions for staff and students to follow if they develop signs and symptoms of COVID-19 during school time.
  • Implement regular and rigorous cleaning and disinfecting of all school areas.
  • Implement a no-cash policy.
  • Advise all students and staff to bring their own water.

All school staff will be consulted on an ongoing basis and feedback is encouraged on any concerns, issues or suggestions. 

Signed: __Anne O’Keeffe__________________ Date: ___31st August 2020____

Student Welfare

  • All students are asked to complete a Covid-19 Self-Declaration form 3 days before attending classes.
  • New students will need to provide proof of a negative PCR Covid test prior to entering Ireland and again 5 days post arrival.
  • Students will need to self-isolate for the period until they receive a negative result of this second test.
  • Celtic School of English follows strict Airport pick-up protocols. We will discuss options with each student. Students are not allowed to use public transport upon arrival into Ireland.
  • Students are requested to stay with host families, carefully selected by Celtic School of English for the duration of their course. Long-term students who would prefer to have self-catering accommodation will need to complete a Covid-19 Accommodation Declaration Form.
  • Classes are face-to-face in the classroom and we follow all protective guidelines.
  • In the event of government instruction to move classes online, we have the ability to do so immediately. We will communicate online instructions with each student. 
  • Students participate in a Covid-19 induction & familiarisation meeting before their course commences detailing all safety measures:
    • How covid-19 spreads 
    • Control measures to minimise the risk of students and staff being exposed to Covid-19 
    • Physical distancing, good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette 
    • High-risk groups 
    • Clear instruction to stay at home if a student or staff member is sick or has any symptoms of COVID-19 
    • Isolation rooms location 
    • Lead worker representatives
  • Students are asked to remain in their class bubble during breaks and to eat in the classroom. 
  • Celtic School of English has made arrangements with our local GP services and local taxi services to assist any student who presents with illness while at school.


At Celtic School of English, we endeavour to ensure adequate circulation of air by keeping the windows open throughout the day and allowing cross ventilation. We open windows before class and during breaktimes and again after classes.

Floor markings and information posters have been placed in the building to direct flow of traffic and inform students and staff of best practices.

Reception & Admin Areas

  • A minimal physical distance of 2m between persons should be kept at all times and unessential physical contact of any nature should be avoided. At Celtic School of English, we have reduced the capacity of the building completely to facilitate this distance.
  • Floor markings and posters have been placed in the reception area to aid with social distancing and promote best practices.
  • Any staff member or student exhibiting signs or symptoms of COVID-19 will be instructed to follow protocols and guidelines while away from the school and be directed to the isolation room if in the school when symptoms appear.
  • An isolation room is available for any student or staff feeling unwell during the day until they can leave the school.
  • Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, reception desks are cleaned regularly throughout the day.
  • Protective screen barriers are fitted to the reception desk
  • Visible signage regarding cough etiquette, maintaining an adequate physical distance and appropriate hand washing techniques are posted in common areas for everyone to see.
  • We ask students and guests to make appointments – we try to reduce conduct for reception and office staff as much as possible.  


  • We require students need to maintain a minimum distance of 1m but recommend a 2-metre distance in classrooms where possible.
  • Students and teachers are obliged to wear face coverings at all times in class.
  • Students should all face in the same direction and not face each other.
  • During the lessons it is very important that there is no unnecessary contact between students or between students and staff.
  • Students should not arrive more than 15 minutes before or after the scheduled start of their class as they are not allowed to enter the building.
  • Students are required to bring their own writing materials and notebooks.
  • We ask students to sit at the same desk each day – please see posters noting same.
  • Posters have been placed in the classrooms informing students of best practices.
  • We ask that all homework be submitted electronically through an online teaching platform.

Common Areas

  • The capacity of the student lounge has been reduced to a 2-person maximum and   students are encouraged to use their classroom instead of this space when possible.
  • Resources such as library facilities are now only accessible by request and when effective safety measures can be implemented. Staff can assist students with borrowing resources that can be used at home.
  • Our computer labs are not available for use, so we recommend students bring their own mobile or other electronic devices for personal use, if needed.
  • The maximum capacity of the bathrooms has been reduced in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines and information posters have been placed in order to ensure social distancing is adhered to.
  • Guidelines on best cleaning practices have been placed in the bathroom to encourage proper sanitization after every use.


  • The school is cleaned regularly and rigorously with specific attention to door handles, drawers, windows, keyboards, handrails, light switches, tables, phones, buttons, reception desk and grip areas with approved products.
  • Hand sanitisers, disposable paper towels, wipes and antibacterial sprays are stationed throughout the school for use by staff and students.

Students Arriving into Ireland

  • In accordance with EU policy students entering Ireland from GREEN member states, do not have to restrict their movements after entry and are not required to take a PCR test before travelling.

However, the Irish government requires that every person entering Ireland from a red or orange country restrict their movements for 14 days. Although, there are some exceptions to this rule as per the European traffic light approach which was adopted in Oct 2020.

  • Students entering from orange countries: 

Students entering from orange countries do not have to restrict their movements upon entering Ireland if they are in possession of a negative PRC Covid test that has been done a maximum of 3 days prior to their departure.

  • Students entering from red countries:

Students entering from red countries do not have to restrict their movements once they are in possession of a negative PCR test that has been taken a maximum of 3 days prior to their departure and another negative PCR test which has been taken a minimum of 5 days after entering and self-isolating in Ireland.